Club wide info on Coronavirus - Covid 19.

You can find info on how we are trying to deal with Covid19 in our community.
Covid19 in our community info

2020 Summer Programming

We are able to offer a full line up of Summer Volleyball programming, however, in order to try to ensure safety for all,
our initial re-start programs will only be available to current club members as we are adhering to guidelines for our current community.
Please check back soon to see if we are able to offer additional programming.

With the increasing awareness on the Coronavirus, we are trying to be as proactive as possible in providing the most current information we can provide.

As of now, we have not been advised to cancel practices or events, however, we are advising that this is a possibility. Please understand that there is unlikely an opportunity to re-schedule practices, and I am sure all event hosts will do their best to provide competitions if at all possible. Our contracts are based on a seasonal rate, which means, there is no opportunity to get a refund on unused practice times. Please make sure that ALL are checking app information for the most current practice or event status. As initially stated, SportsYOU app calendar may not be up to date. The most current calendar is always found on the Google Doc Spreadsheet. The link can be found on your team page within the app.

As for the club functioning. All teams are expected to self monitor health situations. 

We have created the following form for people to advise us of illness and information surrounding the illness so we can try to make sure that we are not spreading illness internally through the club. If you, or your family or members of your community have been sick over the last month or are currently sick, please take time to provide us some information around the illness.

We are trying to secure hand sanitizer so each team will have some available at all practices and events.

If you or your family members are sick, please check with medical professionals before participating in any events, whether practices or competitions. If you have a fever, please make sure you have been medically cleared before re-joining the team.

Please make sure you are:

  • Getting quality rest.
  • Drink lots of fluids.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Washing hands properly with warm/hot water and soap for at least twenty seconds.
  • Cough into germ pockets rather than your hands.
  • Refrain from touching your face, mouth, or nose.
  • Do not share food/drinks with teammates.
  • Be aware of Social Distances.

As a club, we will be acting on "what is best for group safety" when making decisions. If at any time you(as a family) are not comfortable or feel unsafe with any situation, we encourage you to act on what is best for your family situation. 

The likelihood of a an outbreak severely negatively affecting players may not be very high, however, as a club, we encourage a family environment and know that many families are close and some will have family members who are either older or imunnocompromised and we, as a club must be sympathetic that we need to be protecting those family members as well as the general public. 

We will continue to post updates on situations ranging from practices to competitions and will also be updating the info on our website.

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