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2020 Summer Programming

We are able to offer a full line up of Summer Volleyball programming, however, in order to try to ensure safety for all,
our initial re-start programs will only be available to current club members as we are adhering to guidelines for our current community.
Please check back soon to see if we are able to offer additional programming.

Since March 16, 2020, all in-person training has been suspended to try to minimize the impact of the Corona Virus on our community.

We understand that a lot of our community look forward to the physical training, social interactions, and  emotional connection that being a part of our volleyball community offers.

While it was a difficult decision to cease all in-person training, we quickly began working on opportunities for our community to stay connected.

We have provided daily physical training routines along with volleyball specific learning opportunities via our SportYOU app. On a daily basis, we are offering general physical training routines that can be done at home with no special equipment needed. We have encouraged our community to post videos of themselves performing the routines. We have done the same with volleyball specific routines and offer feedback on posted videos to improve technical development. We have also implemented what we call DING-A-LINGS, these will change with time, but for the initial week, we asked for our community to post videos of them performing specific dances.

While none of the activities will meet 100% of our community needs, we are hoping that it gives them an opportunity to stay connected, stay fit, and stay safe.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend, but hope everyone keeps the safety of others in the forefront.

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