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 SynergyVBC Club Teams - General Info

SynergyVBC Club Teams focus is to offer Competitive Development training and competition to all who are selected. 

  • SynergyVBC Club Teams:
    • have the ability to compete in locally hosted club tournaments both in Canada and Internationally.
    • are selected with 10 players on a team. 
    • will typically have one to two practices per week+ the ability to train with other Team Beyond Competition BC Youth VB teams for additional training.
    • are capable of participating in the NWPL as well as local club hosted events at and additional cost(TBD).
    • Teams may have the opportunity to participate in additional optional tournaments subject to additional costs per event. These costs will be divided by the 10-12 players forming a particular team. For example, if the team wanted to participate in a tournament that costs $200, the entry fee would be divided by 10-12 players, so each player would be billed an additional $16-20 for that particular event.
  • We anticipate on running the following number of Team Beyond Competition BC teams(if needed):
    • 1 - U12 team(if needed)
    • 1 - U13 team
    • 1 - U14 team
    • 1 - U15 team
    • 1 - U16 team
  • The anticipated regular club season will run for 16 week season and includes:
    • Warm Up gear
    • Uniform
    • Admin and Registration Fees
    • Head Coach Honorarium
    • participation in Local Club or university hosted Playdays or Tournaments(5)
    • 1-2 practices per week
    • Insurance

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