2019 Winter Programming

Programs by Age Group

(Current Gr2-5) Open to kids currently in Gr2-5. No volleyball experience necessary.
Athlete Application Process can be completed at the following link:

Age Class birth year breakdowns:
10U Girls – athletes born in 2010 or later.
11U Girls – athletes born in 2009 or later.
12U Girls – athletes born in 2008 or later.
13U Girls – athletes born in 2007 or later.
14U Girls – athletes born in 2006 or later.
15U Girls – athletes born in 2005 or later.
16U Girls – athletes born in 2004 or later.
17/18U Girls – athletes born in 2002 (18U), 2003 (17U) or later.
*Athletes born September 1-December 31 of the previous year are permitted to “play down”one age category.

U14 Tryouts
Wed Nov 27 Small/Main 5-630
Wed Dec 4 Small/Main 5-630

U15 Tryouts
Wed Nov 27 Small/Main 630-800
Wed Dec 4 Small/Main 630-800

U16 Tryouts
Wed Nov 27 Small/Main 800-1000
Wed Dec 4 Small/Main 800-1000

U17/18 Tryouts
Fri Dec 6 Small/Main 5-630
Wed Dec 11 Small 5-630
To access our registration portal, please follow the instructions found here: http://bcyouthvolleyball.ca/index.php/registration

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