2021 - Fall Programming Registration

Registration for our upcoming Fall Programming can be found here:

For the upcoming 2022 Club Season, Our team selections will be different from the past.

  1. We will be sending out Early Commitment offers for players who played with us last season.
  2. We are also offering the ability to apply for a position on one of our teams. Offers will be made to successful applicants.
  3. If needed, we will conduct tryouts in late December 2021 or early January 2022

We have posted an online application for athletes who are certain they would like to play in our programs.

  • What does this mean? 
    • All athletes who have not played for BC Youth Volleyball are welcome to complete an application for a position on one of our club teams. This application will include the completion of an application form, skills assessment, and possible match footage assessment. 
  • Why do we do this?
    • “Talent may win games, but teamwork and intelligence builds champions.” Strong team players are the backbone of any team. When others fail, these are the people who venture on with strong resolve and persistence, committed to getting the job done.

For us, it’s simple. We want to continue the development of athletes who want to want to play for us. We are not interested in the formation of a group of individuals who may possess some advanced volleyball skill, but are not team players, or who may have their own agendas. 

We continually prove that we are able to develop players and teams. 

Character, Personality, Respect, Always reliable, ability to Communicate with Confidence, Selfless, Adaptable, and displays Genuine Commitment, are all qualities that we look for in athletes we train.

Volleyball…. We can teach, however, a mindset focussed on team before self, and process over results is what we will focus on.

Our plan for the 2022 Season is to run the following teams:

BC Selects teams are our High Performance teams. (expected 8-9 players per team)
These teams will likely practice 2 times per week and will compete in a 4-5 events

SynergyVBC Teams are our Competitive Development teams. (expected 10 players per team)
These teams will likely practice once per week.
These teams will also look to participate in 3 playday events.

U13 - Athletes born from September 1, 2008 to Dec 31 2009
U14 - Athletes born from September 1, 2007 to Dec 31 2008
U15 - Athletes born from September 1, 2006 to Dec 31 2007
U16 - Athletes born from September 1, 2005 to Dec 31 2006
U17/18 - Athletes born from September 1, 2003 to Dec 31 2005

U12 - 2 SynergyVBC Teams(Train and Play)
U13 - 2 SynergyVBC Teams(Train and Play)
U14 - 2 BC Selects Teams & 1 SynergyVBC Team
U15 - 2 BC Selects Teams & 1 SynergyVBC Team
U16 - 2 BC Selects Teams
U17/18 - 2 BC Selects Team

Please make sure you have read, understood, and can agree to our policies. 

Both policies can be found at the following links:




BC Youth Volleyball is formally registered as Beyond Competition Youth Volleyball; has just been selected as a Sponsor club for the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA); and hopes to offer kids the understanding and knowledge to be competitive in Volleyball... and Beyond.

Club member positions under BC Youth Volleyball will be open to ALL at tryouts.

We intend to form the highest level of competitive teams based on skill level, compete level, and coach-ability.

We hope to be able to be able to offer an appropriate level of competitive teams for all.

Teams with BC Youth Volleyball may take part in the NorthWest Power League (NWPL - which is run by the JVA), which could include clubs from British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon.

Tryouts for all teams will be held at the end of November for all teams. First competitions likely be held on January 5-6, 2019, so teams must be fully selected and training as quickly as possible.

All Tryout and program info will be posted on the BC Youth Volleyball Website found here: www.bcyouthvolleyball.ca

We have been selected as a SPONSORED JVA member club and will join the NWPL as the benefits to our clubs, coaches, and athletes, will include:

  • A league with a goal to provide High Quality competitive experiences for teams across the Northwest.
  • Competitions held in Quality Facilities
  • Certified officials at every match
  • An emphasis on Quality of Matches per day rather than quantity.
  • More liberal rules allowing for effective use of team personnel.
  • Stronger coaching resources allowing for greater development and support.
  • The ability to move players between teams if needed to justify ability, or roster requirements.
  • A format that guarantees that each match must be as competitive as possible.
  • An environment that promotes and supports Clubs, Teams, and Coaches to develop efficiently.

The Northwest Power League (NWPL) offers a unique competition format that will maximize quality competition while limiting the amount of time in the gym to 6 hours each day. This is the type of format used for National and International Competitions.

  1. Two - Single day event formats, maximizing matches given the travel.
  2. Quality Canadian & American competition.
  3. 12 sub unlimited (all ages)
  4. Positional Substitutions allowing for a more diverse use of an entire team.
  5. Liberos (all ages)
  6. Liberos can serve.
  7. Official Referees on every court, and for every match
  8. Efficient and more cost effective team management.
  9. Teams will typically be competing against similar competition level or better. As teams develop, they have the ability to move onto compete against more competitive teams allowing for a more equitable  competition environment.

BC Youth Volleyball will offer three different options for Club teams with the hope of allowing every athlete who tries out an opportunity to experience club volleyball at their skill and competition level.

We hope to be able to offer a position to every athlete who tries out.

If you have a child that wants to learn and play the sport of Volleyball.... We will have a program available for them.

BC Selects Youth VB Teams - General Info

Beyond Competition BC Selects Youth VB Teams offer High Performance (Post Secondary Style) training and competition to all who are selected. 

It is expected that the Beyond Competition BC Selects Youth VB teams selections will be open to any player wishing to try out. Teams will be selected to be as competitive as possible. 

Players selected must be available for competition the first weekends of January, February, and March 2020, (and for the Emerald City Classic).

Additionally,  Beyond Competition BC Selects Youth VB teams will tentatively(Covid dependent) compete in the Emerald City Classic held at the University of Washington & the Academy Sports Center over the American Long Weekend in May. This is one of the Premier Events offered on the West Coast. We will be conducting a wine raffle to help offset the cost for this event.

  • Beyond Competition BC Selects Youth VB Teams:
    • have the ability to compete in Major Invitational Tournaments both in Canada and Internationally.
    • are selected with 12 players on a team. This allows for a high level training environment resulting in healthy competition at every practice.
    • will typically have a minimum of two practices per week+ ability to train with other Beyond Competition BC Selects teams for additional training..
    • will participate in the NWPL as well as local club hosted events.
    • may have the option to add the Volleyball BC Super Series Format and Provincials (at an additional cost pending coaching credentials)
  • We anticipate on running the following number of Beyond Competition BC Selects teams(if needed):
    • 1-2 - U14 team
    • 1-2 - U15 team 
    • 1-2 - U16 team 
    • 1-2- U17/18 team

  • The anticipated regular season cost will run for 18 week season. This includes:
    • Warm Up gear
    • Uniforms
    • Admin and Registration Fees
    • Head Coach Honorarium
    • Registration into 3 local club or university hosted events (3)
    • Minimum of two practices per week + ability to train with other Beyond Competition BC Selects teams for additional training.
    • Insurance
  • Additional Season Cost - NWPL(Northwest Power League travel costs):
    • NWPL travel costs include Accommodation and Transportation.
      • Cost to be finalized once full accommodations and travel expenses have been secured.

 SynergyVBC Club Teams - General Info

SynergyVBC Club Teams focus is to offer Competitive Development training and competition to all who are selected. 

  • SynergyVBC Club Teams:
    • have the ability to compete in locally hosted club tournaments both in Canada and Internationally.
    • are selected with 10 players on a team. 
    • will typically have one to two practices per week+ the ability to train with other Team Beyond Competition BC Youth VB teams for additional training.
    • are capable of participating in the NWPL as well as local club hosted events at and additional cost(TBD).
    • Teams may have the opportunity to participate in additional optional tournaments subject to additional costs per event. These costs will be divided by the 10-12 players forming a particular team. For example, if the team wanted to participate in a tournament that costs $200, the entry fee would be divided by 10-12 players, so each player would be billed an additional $16-20 for that particular event.
  • We anticipate on running the following number of Team Beyond Competition BC teams(if needed):
    • 1 - U12 team(if needed)
    • 1 - U13 team
    • 1 - U14 team
    • 1 - U15 team
    • 1 - U16 team
  • The anticipated regular club season will run for 16 week season and includes:
    • Warm Up gear
    • Uniform
    • Admin and Registration Fees
    • Head Coach Honorarium
    • participation in Local Club or university hosted Playdays or Tournaments(5)
    • 1-2 practices per week
    • Insurance

Tentatively, for the 2021 Club Season, we will be training from the following locations. Additional locations may be booked based on need:

Location Day Start Time (pm) End Time (pm)
Volleybox - Unit 104 18733 52nd Ave Surrey Mon/Wed  530 700
  Mon/Wed  700 830
  Mon/Wed  830  1000
RE Mountain Secondary 7633 202a St
Salish Secondary 7278 184 St, Surrey
HD Stafford Secondary 20441 Grade Crescent
Peter Ewart Middle School -7755 202a St, Langley
Yorkson Creek Middle School - 20686 84 Ave, Langley

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